Success Story in Tajikistan : Dalersho Jalilov

Dalersho Jalilov, was born on March 11, 1992 in Pyanj district, Aini village. After graduation, he worked on a village farm. He got married and now has 3 children but his profit was barely enough to provide for his family expenses.

When representatives of HUMO came to his village, he first learned about the conditions of lending. He liked this meeting and he decided to change his life.

After consulting with his family, he turned to HUMO for a microcredit. He used his first loan (which was funded by MicroWorld lenders) for the purchase of mineral fertilizers and used them for a crop of corn, which he sowed on 0.15 hectares of land.

After 4 months, he sold the corn crop and with the profits he made, he purchased 1 cattle and repaid the loan ahead of schedule. In September of the same year, he took a second loan and sowed carrots on an area of 1 hectare.
Currently, he has sold 0.50 hectares of carrots, and left the rest on stock which he will sell in another month.

Dalersho is very pleased with the loans received and in this regard, he would like to express his sincere thanks to HUMO and to the MicroWorld lenders for supporting a simple farmer. Many thanks!