Success Story in Tajikistan : Faizigul Abdurahmonova

Faizigul Abdurahmonova is an active resident of Khuroson district. She lives in the village of her district with her husband, children, daughters in law and grandchildren.

Before collaborating with the microfinance institution MDO HUMO, Faizigul faced financial difficulties in her life. At the beginning, she was only engaged in animal husbandry, then when her son married a young dressmaker, she learned from her daughter-in-law to sew dresses and wanted to start her own business in this field. Unfortunately, due to lack of finances, she could not realize her plans.

After consulting with her husband, Faizigul applied for a loan with HUMO in 2014. She purchased a new sewing machine and began her sewing business. Her daughter-in-law helped her in this new activity.

Gradually, their lives began to improve. Fayzigul took other loans to develop her activity. The current loan of 1,200 somoni was taken by Faizigul in 2018 and was supported by MicroWorld lenders. With this amount, she purchased the necessary fabrics and sewed women’s summer dresses for sale.

Faizigul has now acquired regular customers and achieved success in this business. With the profits from her activities, Faizigul held her son's wedding and financially helped him with the construction of his house.
She is very grateful to HUMO and MicroWorld lenders for their support.
The loans helped her solve her financial problems, open an additional source of income and raise the standard of living of the family. She is very happy for this!