Success Story Tajikistan - Fayzali Shorahimov

Fayzali Shorahimov is a young and capable man. He was born in 1986 in the district of Gissar in a peasant family. Since childhood, he wants to be like his father: to be engaged in a farming business.

Fayzali is currently breeding cattle with his father and he handles his job very well.

"At first it was very hard to look after the animals, but due to the fact that I had tremendous desire to do this, I wasn’t paying much attention to all the difficulties related to this type of activity. Right now, my father's craft provides me with food and clothes and I do not lack anything in my life"- says Fayzali.

Fayzali has been doing animal husbandry for several years and throughout this time, he perfectly learned all the subtleties of the profession.

He received his first loan from MDO HUMO in 2009 and since this time he is actively cooperating with this organization. He received in total four loans and the last one with the help of MicroWorld lenders in October 2014. Using these loans, he purchased calves and grew them with the intention to sell them in the market.

Fayzali is now buying and selling livestock in the market of Gissar district and make a good profit.

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