Success Story Tajikistan : Gulnora Khidirova

Gulnora Khidirova Elmurodovna is a 27-year-old resident of Gissar, Tajikistan. Her mother was a fish trader. Gradually, her mother taught her how to do her job. Now Gulnora has been independently working in this field for 10 years. She sells dried and fresh fish.

Gulnora received a loan from Humo for 3000 somoni (285 euros) to expand business. Now she rents a sales point in the central market of Gissar and her activity is quite successful. She repays on time and she is an active Humo client.
"My activity is profitable, because fresh fish has always been valued, as it is much more useful than beef and lamb. The success of every business lies in the quality of the products and the fairness of the seller. If you organize your activity properly, you can easily achieve good results, regular customers, and maximize revenue", says Gulnora.

Gulnora plans to keep cooperating with the organization in the future. This time, she wants to take out a loan to build her house. Gulnora is satisfied with this loan and thanks MDO "Humo" and MicroWorld lenders for their support.

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