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Success story Tajikistan - Habiba Ashurova

Habiba is cultivating vegetables in greenhouses and plan to extend her activity in livestock.

Habiba Ashurova is living in Kurbantyube, the fourth largest city in Tajikistan. She is working in farming, and during the spring, she cultivates tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses.

In September 2015, she received her first loan of 317 dollars with the organization “Humo”. On a personal level, she is divorced and despite her family conditions, she was able to expand her activity on spring increasing the number of her greenhouses. She talks about her family work :”Together, with my children, we were able to prepare a plot of land for sowing tomatoes. I used the loan for tillage and purchase of plastic sheeting for greenhouses.”

In june 2016, she took a second loan to purchase seeds of vegetables and mineral fertilizers. Thanks to this financial help, she could increase her production and sell her vegetables at the market of the city. With the profits, she renovated her house and built a barn for the cattle. She is a very active woman that plan to develop a livestock business in the future.

Habiba thanks MFI Humo and MicroWorld lenders :
"I am very pleased that there is an organization like Humo and its partner MicroWorld. Thanks Humo staff for the excellent service and thanks MicroWorld lenders for financing my loan! Owing to your help, my life has changed for the better. Your kindness gives poor people hope for a brighter future ".

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