Success Story Tajikistan - Hasan Fayzulloev

"My life is like a fairy tale" says Hasan Fayzulloev. His life was an ordinary rural life with three young children and an old house inherited from parents in Tajikistan. But Hasan always had a lot of dreams, but did not believe that dreams come true.

Here is the story of Hasan :

In 2009, several loan officers of the microfinance institution HUMO held a meeting in the city of Vahdat.
Hasan also attended this meeting. Quite simply, some of the men and women gathered and formed credit group "Oila" because they needed support and wanted to introduce innovation in their lives. This is how Hasan first met microcredit.

The same year, Hasan took a loan of 2000 TJS (about 300 euros), bought some poultry and started to look after them in order to improve his living standards.

Until 2011, he received two loans and continued his work with his poultry farm. Then he decided to engage himself in crop production because it meant happiness for his family.

The fourth time, he asked for a 5000 TJS (about 750 euros)credit to purchase seeds for melons, mineral fertilizers, fuel and spring sowing. In the same year he generated good profit from the sale of vegetables and seeds, and with the help of his brothersn, they could organize a circumcision ceremony for their sons.

He says: "a man should achieve his own goals with his honest labor".

After his fourth loan, he continued to cooperate with HUMO organization and engaged in the manufacture of bricks that he was selling to new customers.
With his huge profits he started building his own house with the support of HUMO; a house where he is living now with his family.

Now in the village his family is not considered as poor and along with other neighbors they live prosperously.
He said: "If I did not cooperate with this organization, I would not know what would happen to me now".

For him, HUMO is like a fairy tale that has changed his lives and the one of his family : "I never believed that once my old house would turn into a new modern house, and thanks to the support and assistance of HUMO I have reached such a high goal. My dream is that this organization continue serving the people of rural villagers and changing their lives like mine".

On December 2013, Hasan received a loan of 3000 TJS (about 450 euros) from MicroWorld. With this amount he continued his work and due to his profit he has renovated his house.

See the project page of Hasan on MicroWorld.

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