Success Story in Tajikistan : Hojar Hojamurodova

"There is no problem that has no solution. When a person faces problems, he should not be discouraged, but should strive to solve them and not lose his hope…"

With these thoughts, Hojar Hojamurodova after consulting with her husband and son, came to the conclusion that it was necessary to get a loan for the renovation of their barnyard and the development of their livestock activity.
Since their cattle yard required urgent renovation, but her husband and son could not go to Russia to work, because of deportation, they had financial problems.

In June 2017, Hojar applied to the office of the microfinance institution HUMO, located in Urta-Kaynar and without difficulty received a loan in the amount of 2000 somoni (about €190). Hojar renovated the barnyard as she planned.

Paying off the loan in 2018, Hojar received another loan in the amount of 2,500 TJS (about €235). This time she bought one cow. After several moths her cow gave birth to a calf and now the number of her cattle has reached 4.

Hojar monthly repays the loan through the sale of calves or the sale of milk and dairy products. Additionally, Hojar works as a cleaner at the hospital of their area. Her son is a construction worker and his income is enough to support the family.

Hojar says that, thanks to the profit she gets from her activity, she saved up some funds for the construction of a kitchen and she has partially built it. In the future, she intends to complete the construction thanks to her activities. The whole family of Hojar is very pleased with the cooperation of HUMO and MicroWorld, and in the future they intend to continue this cooperation.