Success Story Tajikistan - Lyubov Yakovlevna

Lyubov Yakovlevna always learned to rely only on her.

She was born and raised in Bohtar district in a farmer's family and from childhood she was helping her father. She has never been afraid of hard work. She herself dug up vegetable patches and planted vegetable seeds, harvested and took care of the cattle. As a brave woman, she did not wait for help from someone else, and has achieved all this tasks on her own.

Having learnt about consumer loan product, Lyubov applied to MDO Humo and got her first loan of 1,500 TJS to buy a new refrigerator. Her long cooperation with Humo started.

After her second loan of 2,500 TJS, funded by MicroWorld lenders, she bought compound feed for livestock and gradually began to increase her herd of cattle.

She first used her profits to repair her house; she built a new enclosure for livestock and erected near the house a framework for vineyard.

With her sons, she planted vegetables on their land: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, greens and sold them in the local market.
With her business, Lyubov contributes significantly to the rural and local economy. She was able to show that success depends only on your own hard work and the desire to achieve it.

Let's wish Lyubov to improve even more her business and life!

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