Success Story Tajikistan - Marhabo Abdulfaizkhonova

Marhabo is living in Dushanbe city. She has been embroidering and sewing the national dresses for 12 years.

She has achieved a great success due to her hard work in quite a short period of time. She received her first loan of USD 1,000 in 2014.

With the help of MicroWorld and its lenders she was able to purchase lots of fabrics and all the necessary accessories for her work and significantly expanded her business.

Then she had serious health problems, so she decided to spend the profits from her activity to pay the treatment. After the operation and further treatment, she regained her health.

In 2015, Marhabo decided to ask for a second loan to MDO Humo". Thanks to her good credit history, she obtained a loan of USD 3,000.

Marhabo intends now to prepare new apprentices, improve her financial situation and continue her cooperation with MDO HUMO. Currently, Marhabo trains her daughters and her sisters at craft. Marhabo is doing everything possible to meet the needs of her clients.

In addition, she has a dream to open a school of sewing to train good tailors, who could sew the most modern and beautiful clothing and bedding.

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