Success story Tajikistan : Solehjon Faizov

Within 4 years, Solehjon has been working in purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables. His point of sale is located in the central market of Vakhsh district.

Two years ago, Solehjon wanted to expand his trading business and that’s why he applied for a micro credit. On October 28 of 2015, he got his first loan in the amount of 3,500 TJS and made a lot of profit that allowed him to repay the loan on time.
In September 2016, he took a second loan in the amount of 10,000 TJS to expand his trading business. With his father and brother, he opened another retail outlet for the sale of flat cakes.

After three months of activity, he was able to buy a car Opel caravan and thus facilitated his delivery work of fruits and vegetables. Now, he also brings his goods for sale to other markets.
Solehjon is a very purposeful person. In 2017, he plans to continue to expand the business and open a butcher shop on the market, he wants to get a new loan for the meat trade.

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