Success Story Tajikistan: Tavhida Abdurasulova

I am Tavhida Abdurasulova, a resident of Isfara city in Tajikistan. After high school, I got married and had three wonderful daughters. My husband works as a home renovator and his parents are also living with us.

In 2011, I went to Russia and got a job in the confectionery shop "Karat" of Moscow city. There, I learned how to bake cakes, pastries and other food from my mentor Lyudmila Petrovna. I worked in this confectionery shop for 3 years.

I was so interested in this job that when I returned to my hometown, I opened my small business.
I met one of the employees of the microfinance institution HUMO, who came to us to buy sambusas (patties stuffed with meat). I found out from her that HUMO provides loan products to citizens.

So, in 2017, I applied to the organization for the first loan and used it purposefully.

A year later, after full repayment of the loan, I received a second loan through MicroWorld platform to purchase ingredients for my confectionery.

Today my business is progressing well and I work now as a director of this confectionery.
I liked the quality of service at HUMO. I recommend to my friends and relatives to take a loan from this organization.
Thank you for your support and faith in me!