Success story Tajikistan : Yahyo Boboev

Yahyo Boboev is a 28-year-old resident of Vakhsh district. For many years, he worked in Russia and made a living at the expense of labor migration. He no longer wanted to go to foreign lands and work away from his family. He planned to open his own trading business in his provincial district. At first, he was selling watermelon and gradually increased his business and opened a grocery store.

In July 2016, he received a loan from "Humo" MFI in the amount of 8000 TJS. He used the whole amount to purchase a range of food products and increased turnover. Within a short period of time, Yahyo got a good profit from his business and doubled the number of products in his grocery store. Moreover, he bought a refrigerated display case for perishable goods such as sausages, dairy products, butter, etc. Now, his business is progressing very well and his brother actively helps him in the trade.

Yahyo wants to say to Humo and MicroWorld lenders that :
"Due to your support, I was able to achieve my goals, and for that I am infinitely grateful to you, because you gave me a helping hand at the right moment. Today, I am a successful businessman and I no longer have to go to foreign lands for searching job as I have a stable thriving business here”.

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