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Support Claire and Malik with Planet Adam association !

For many weeks, you voted for your two favorite entrepreneurs on Capgemini platform. Now, you can help them launching their company with Planet Adam association making a donation on the platform. Partner of the association, Capgemini has given 2000€ to support Planet Adam. Discover their profils and make a donation.

Planet Adam

Since 2006, the association has created 4000 companies and own 32 places to welcome entrepreneurs in popular suburbs. Through an individual service, Planet Adam give people the entrepreneurial spirit and allow suburban entrepreneurs to succeed.

The 2 happy ones

Claire Diao and Malik Brachemi will have the chance to be followed by professionals in company creation, members of Planet Adam.
Film journalist, Claire Diallo has created her own web platform « Sudu connexion » dedicated to African movies professionals. She also launched the publication of a magazine, distributed to festival-goers since 2015.

Regarding Malik Brachemi, he created a VTC service dedicated to women when he realised that they have to faced incivilities. Graduated with a master degree in computer sciences, he is currently working on the mobile app and the website of his project.

The two other entrepreneurs are called Julie Launay and Alexis Detrey. Even if they did not have enough votes, they have the potential to create their companies.

Julie Launay, alias Trendy Julie on her Youtube canal, is a young dynamic woman who present lifestyle and beauty advises. She created a connected watch called ZOELYNE which allow to follow the rhythm, activities and women wishes.

Concerning Alexis Detrey, he would like to launch a new brand of clothes in biological cotton with pop illustrations and cultural references.
To support your two favorite entrepreneurs, make a donation to the association: Planet Adam