The theme of education is in the spotlight on MicroWorld!

This month on MicroWorld, loans related to education are in the spotlight!

Discover their stories :

  • Salim FARHAT - Lebanon
  • In addition to his part time work as accountant, Salim lives in the region of Beirut where he manages a small shop of school supplies for children and students. To meet the needs of his customers, Salim is asking for a loan to diversify his stocks in stationery, school bags...This help will permit him to develop his business and build his future!
    I want to help Salim !

  • Khurshed AKHMEDOV - Tajikistan
  • Khurshed is 21 years old and lives in the region of Khujand. To ensure a better future, he wants to study finance and economics at the University of Khujand. Coming from a family of modest workers and not having himself enough money to pay tuition fees for higher education, he is asking for a loan on MicroWorld.
    His professional future depends on you!
    I want to finance the studies of Khurshed !

  • Maqboulah SHESHTAWI - Jordan
  • Maqboulah lives with her 4 children and her husband in the region of Nazzal. After working as a primary school teacher, she opened a kindergarten that counts now few classes. Today, Maqboulah wants to buy a school bus for the children thanks to this loan.
    Until the 18th November, if you finance this project, you will receive a €20/$20 Discovery Pass!
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    MicroWorld currently works to propose you other projects related to education as for example the founding of studies, so stay on the lookout for latest news !

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