What perception of social entrepreneurship in France?

For the 5th edition of the survey conducted by OpinionWay of 1,002 people and 63 social entrepreneurs in November 2013, the results are positive. Social entrepreneurs are better recognized by the general public, they have confidence in the future of social entrepreneurship and the younger generations to pursue actions.

The perception by the general public

Globally, the perception of social entrepreneurship and the mission of the social entrepreneur are more known to the general public in 2013 compared to 2012.

Indeed, while some terms are more recognized than others such as " the social economy " (64%), there was an increase of 12 points for the term " social entrepreneur "(31%) compared to 2012.

This increase is also reflected in the perception of the public about the activity of social entrepreneurs : while 12% still think that social entrepreneur is an "entrepreneur close to its employees", 71% (+5 points) of respondents define it as "a business leader who puts his entrepreneurial skills at the service of a general interest."

In addition, respondents believe at 39% that the social enterprises are the most innovative actors in solving social and environmental problems, before the government (20%), the civil societies (20%) and companies (19%).

The perception by social entrepreneurs

Let's turn towards the vision of social entrepreneurs on their own sector.

Despite prospects of development of social entrepreneurship "good enough" in France for 65% of respondents in the sector, we see a global movement around the social economy becoming increasingly important (+19 points for very good and good enough prospects abroad) and could play a crucial role in societies.

Enfin, les entrepreneurs sociaux seraient de plus en plus nombreux à collaborer régulièrement et occasionnellement (93%) avec des entreprises classiques, permettant ainsi d’espérer la levée d’un frein majeur au développement de ce secteur très porteur.

This confidence in the future of the social economy is facing a lack of financial resources (65%), partnerships with companies (52%) and recognition of public authorities (48%) which remain major obstacles to its development, although these percentages are slightly down compared to 2012.

Finally, the part of social entrepreneurs collaborating regularly and occasionally with conventional firms increased (83%), allowing thus to hope for the raising of a major brake on development of this booming sector.

Sources : Barometer of social entrepreneurship 2014

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