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When Yunus inspires a woman of exception: Roshaneh Zafar

Source : Wharton

More than 300 000 Pakistani women received a loan through Roshaneh Zafar. Yet, nothing destined this woman, graduated from a prestigious American “Business School” to engage herself in microcredit. Roshaneh Zafar, the founder of Kashf Foundation ( is the object of a fascinating interview in the;jsessionid=a830fc2... American University Review.

After studying Economics at Warton, Roshaneh Zafar, entered World Bank. Few years later, she luckily met Muhammad Yunus who invited her studying microcredit in Bangladesh before lending her $ 10 000 to create her own Microcredit Institution in Pakistan in 1996. 15 years later, her MFI has lent $ 200 million to her country’s women and Roshaneh Zafar is becoming one of the “Social Entrepreneurship” (Limited Profit Entrepreneurship) icons.

« 30% of our customers leave the poverty level » said Roshaneh Zafar in the Warton Review. If her most original initiative is to use theatre to address violence against women and children education, the foundation is also developing traditional financial services and especially micro-savings with an interest rate of 6%. This is a useful source of funding, especially in the current climate of suspicion “where it is more difficult to be financed”.

Traduction : Guillaume Blandin

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