Who is MangoPay ?

After more than two years of developments, MangoPay got its European e-money license and launches online its turnkey payment solution.

MangoPay is a service for market places, collaborative consumption platforms and crowdfunding websites. It allows them to have a payment solution and to manage the electronic funds, with as particularity the management of e-wallet in white label.

MicroWorld & MangoPay

Last February 3rd and following the new regulation concerning crowdfunding in France, MicroWorld modified its process for collecting and managing funds on the platform and decided to entrust their management to its new partner MangoPay, having the status of Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Working with this new partner, enable MicroWorld to offer an even more transparent and secure process to the lenders. MangoPay will act as third party supervisor and monitor all the funds of the platform.

All MicroWorld lenders can make payments using credit or debit cards, but it will also be possible, provided the sum is above a minimum amount, to make wire transfers to credit your MicroWorld account.
Cash withdrawals are made through wire transfer to a bank account held in the lender's name registered on the platform.

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