Women on head this week!

Events such as the Women Forum and the day of the girl put women on stage this week. At this occasion, MicroWorld offers you to learn more about microfinance and women.

70% of poor people worldwide are women. The feminine situation in developing countries is critical and most of women cannot access to bank loans because of a lack of warranty. Therefore, they have to ask for a loan to informal lenders who will take advantage from them-practicing very high interest rates and make their borrowers dependants.

Microfinance sector favors women who cannot have any other legal credit resource. Studies show that women are more responsible than men and are very good customers for microfinance institutions.

The microfinance also benefit to women to change their way of life and step out from poverty. Many women succeded to be more autonomous and be more empowered in their family and society. Their whole family can also benefit from microfinance. Children can be more easily sent to school.

MicroWorld supports women's place in microfinance on a daily basis and make sure that all microfinance institutions partners are committed to this cause.

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