The perception of Marie Laure GONTIER, Capgemini Project Manager

Clara Devanz, project manager Scratch: You participated in the first action Cap on the Code in the Paris region! What was the reason?

Marie: I wanted to participate in the digital awareness of children, especially among the female public, which is much less represented in the sector and less aware of digital. So it's good to start with an awareness from the school. I'm not disappointed, I'm happy with what I saw, to have been able to animate and do a little awareness with Cap on the code!

CD: And for you, what can avoid girls to be interested in digital?

It's complicated, I think it's more a need for awareness: clichés are very present, whether we like it or not. They are in our environment: family, education ... It takes courage, determination to go beyond!

CD: You turned to engineering, you made development, what made you headed for that? How did you experience this orientation as a woman?

It's a good question. At the high school level, I was playing video games of the time, but I had never had a penchant for computer science. Having not been sensitized, it did not interest me more than that. But at university, I met a computer teacher who was brilliant and I had a little click: "I'm not that stupid, in fact I get there, so why not go to development, it can be fun! "

CD: Would you go back to Cap on the Code?

Yes, of course, it's interesting! We, the animators, at the beginning we do not know how it will be because we learn to use Scratch at the same time as the children. It will be easier, but you have to try and be flexible! And we had very good conditions, I do not know if this is still the case, but the children were very receptive.

CD: So you were with girl-boy students, did you notice any differences in involvement between the two?

I paid a lot of attention to that. It went well: they shared the mouse and the tasks. At first they worked in pairs, then one and then the other.

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