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J'ai suivi une formation en couture, mais avec la saturation de l'activité, j'ai décidé de trouver une autre activité en parallèle. C'est en 1999 que j'ai …

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Senegal Senegal

Loan amount €460

Funded 100%

by 9 members

Loan fully repaid by the entrepreneur

Disbursement date: 11/01/2012
Final repayment of the loan: 09/01/2013

MicroWorld's investors have funded: €460

Cheikh Ahmadou Tidjani - Purchase garments


First name: Cheikh Ahmadou Tidjani
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Marital status: Married
Number of children: 1
Region: HLM

Loan Request

Purpose: Purchase garments
Amount: €460
Duration: 10 months
Loan type: in fine
The loan is reimbursed in one installment at the maturity date of the project (principal and possible interests).
Note: additional time may be necessary for the funds to be credited on the lenders' accounts due to delays in international transfers.

Borrower's quote

J'ai suivi une formation en couture, mais avec la saturation de l'activité, j'ai décidé de trouver une autre activité en parallèle. C'est en 1999 que j'ai commencé à travailler dans la photographie également ce qui me donne un revenu complémentaire. Aujourd'hui, je suis retourné sur mon ancienne activité et j'ai ouvert un magasin de prêt-à-porter. J'envisage d'augmenter mes stocks, avec le soutien de MicroCred, afin de répondre à la demande des clients. Je souhaiterais que mes deux activités s'améliorent en même temps, pour que je puisse devenir indépendant financièrement et mettre ma famille dans de bonnes conditions.

Economic and social context



The relative economic and political stability in modern Senegal is a significant feat attributed to the country's growth through microfinance.
Country's key figures - source Worldbank
Population 12 534 228
GNI per capita 1 030 $
Economic Growth 3,30%
Poverty rate (less than 2 USD/ day) 60,4% (en 2005)
Unemployment rate 11,10%
Literacy rate (above 15 years of age) 42%
Life expectancy 56 ans

MFI Status

This loan is managed locally by our field partner MicroCred Senegal which is in charge of administrating the loan and repaying MicroWorld lenders.

You should be aware that lending involves a risk of non-repayment. However, the risk associated with this MFI is considered lower than average.

Rates and transparency

  • This loan does not pay any interest to the lender.
  • Following your loan commitment, you have 7 calendar days to assert your right of withdrawal, by mail at
  • The MFI will reimburse the lender in case of default of the entrepreneur but there is no guarantee or insurance given by the MFI.
  • 100% of the money collected is sent to the MFI, even if the project is not fully funded on the site.
  • The MFI then makes a loan to the micro-entrepreneur and charges an interest rate in order to cover its operational and financial costs.
  • The platform earns a commission from the MFI for the service it provides, which helps to fund its running costs.
  • More effective than a simple donation, micro-credit promotes long-term sustainable economic development rather than short term help.


MicroCred Senegal

MicroCred Senegal

MicroCred Senegal’s mission is to support Micro, Very Small, and Small-to-Medium Enterprises in their development through providing financial services that are appropriate to their needs. By taking a personalized approach, MicroCred Senegal assists merchants, artisans, and service providers in expanding their businesses by financing their income generating activities.

Key figures - December 2010
Legal StatusNBFI (Non Bank Financial Institution)
Number of Borrowers35,650
Portfolio Size$73,552,999
PAR (Portfolio at Risk)1.36%
R.O.A (Return on Assets)3.69%
Social indicators
Average loan / GNI per capita131%
% of female borrowers59%
Saving accounts openedEvery client
Collaterals requiredCo-surety
Loans for social purposesNo