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I started my activity from the childhood. I would like to increase my activity and to buy mineral and seeds. In the future, I want to make the economic situatio…

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Tajikistan Tajikistan

Loan amount €660

Funded 100%

by 14 members

Loan fully repaid by the entrepreneur

Disbursement date: 12/01/2012
Final repayment of the loan: 12/01/2013

MicroWorld's investors have funded: €660

Urunov - Purchase seed


First name: Urunov
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Marital status: Married
Number of children: 1
Region: Tursunzoda

Loan Request

Purpose: Purchase seed
Amount: €660
Duration: 12 months
Loan type: in fine
The loan is reimbursed in one installment at the maturity date of the project (principal and possible interests).
Note: additional time may be necessary for the funds to be credited on the lenders' accounts due to delays in international transfers.

Borrower's quote

I started my activity from the childhood. I would like to increase my activity and to buy mineral and seeds. In the future, I want to make the economic situation of my family good.

Project follow-ups

  • 02.10.2013

    I received a loan to buy seeds for my crop production. I sowed wheat and rice. This kind of activity is the main source of income of my family. With the help of MicroWorld, I increased my activities and I am very grateful for the support of MicroWorld lenders. Also in the future, I want to continue the partnership with Humo and buy cattle for my business. I hope for your kindness.

Economic and social context



Considered to be the poorest region of the former Soviet Union, the development of Tajikistan relies heavily on loans via microfinance, particularly in the rural areas of the nation.
Country's key figures - source Worldbank
Population 6 952 223
GNI per capita 700 USD
Economic Growth 3.4%
Poverty rate 47%
Unemployment rate No data
Literacy rate (above 15 years of age) 100%
Life expectancy 67 years

MFI Status

This loan is managed locally by our field partner HUMO which is in charge of administrating the loan and repaying MicroWorld lenders.

You should be aware that lending involves a risk of non-repayment. However, the risk associated with this MFI is considered lower than average.

Rates and transparency

  • This loan does not pay any interest to the lender.
  • Following your loan commitment, you have 7 calendar days to assert your right of withdrawal, by mail at
  • The MFI will reimburse the lender in case of default of the entrepreneur but there is no guarantee or insurance given by the MFI.
  • 100% of the money collected is sent to the MFI, even if the project is not fully funded on the site.
  • The MFI then makes a loan to the micro-entrepreneur and charges an interest rate in order to cover its operational and financial costs.
  • The beneficiaries have been well informed about the risks of over-indebtedness and the consequences of payment default.
  • The platform earns a commission from the MFI for the service it provides, which helps to fund its running costs.
  • More effective than a simple donation, micro-credit promotes long-term sustainable economic development rather than short term help.





HUMO is a microfinance institution in Tajikistan. Established in the east of the country where the majority of the population is concentrated, the institution has a dozen branches spread over the rural areas of the country. The institution serves a little over 13 000 clients by means of loans which are mainly distributed to groups of borrowers wishing to develop agricultural activities (livestock farming and sales, cultivation of various products) or small businesses (mainly market vendors or cottage industries).

Key figures - December 2011
Legal statusNBFI (Non-Bank Financial Institution)
Number of borrowers12,478
Size of loan portfolio$7,915,344
Average loan balance$634
Average borrower interest rate3.6% per month
Total number of staff225
PAR (Portfolio at Risk)1.79%
Social indicators
Average amount / GDP per capita (Accessibility for the poorest)81.62%
Percentage women borrowers36%
Savings accounts opened by the clientsNo
Guarantees required to access a loanJoint and several guarantee (group), ownership (individual)
Special programmes“Start-Business” programmes with loan, training and guidance.