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The association Planet Adam, in collaboration with Capgemini group suggested you to vote for two entrepreneurs in order to support their projects. You have elected your two favorites: Claire Diao and Malik Brachemi.

You will find on this page a description of the profiles and projects of the winners, supported by Planet ADAM. Make a donation to support the association and allow them to help more and more people in difficulty to create their businesses. Thanks to your donations, Planet ADAM will give a smile to thousands of people who will become the adventurers of tomorrow!
To know more about Planet Adam actions, visit its: website. Capgemini as a partner of Planet Adam made a 2000€ contribution to help the company development of Claire and Malik.

Claire Diao

Personality and path

Claire is only 30 years old, but this young woman from Dakar, has been working in journalism in the field of cinema for 10 years.Today, she is a member of the commission for the writing of accounting standards.

It is from this interest that her project and her company Sudu Connexion were born, in order to compensate the lack of visibility suffered by African producers excluded from the international scene.

Her project

Her project consists in:
  • The distribution to African film festivals and the Diaspora
  • The edition of the bilingual African film magazine AWOTELE, created in 2015 and published three times a year for major African cinema events
  • The sales to national and international television channels
  • A bi-monthly bilingual newsletter in French and English covering all the latest news from the world of African cinema and the Diaspora.
To learn more about her project, visit her website Sudu Film and the Awotele magazine. : Sudu film and Awotele

Malik Brachemi

Personality and path

A native of Oran, Malik is living in the French suburbs in Montreuil. Father of three children, he faced a long unemployment period despite of a master in Computer sciences and a ECSP in Entrepreneurship.

However, he has an experience in business management, so that he is able to lead La voiture de Chloé project. : La voiture de Chloé.

His project

Speaking with women in his neighborhood, he realized the frequency of problems they can face when they take a taxi or VTC drived by a man. In order to fight against those dangers, he suggests:

  • A service of women drivers dedicated to a female clientele that will ensure both ease and security for women
  • A mobile application to book its VTC race
  • A website for the registration of women drivers on the network La Voiture de Chloé

  • Malik idea do not exist for the moment on the VTC market despite its necessity. For the moment, the company La voiture de Chloé has hired more than twenty women drivers.

For people paying taxes in France, you can benefit from an income tax reduction corresponding to 75% up to 50 000 euros of donations if you are subject to the wealth tax. For people subject to income tax, 66% is deducted from the amount of the donation. The fiscal receipt will be sent to you by Planet Adam at the end of the campaign.