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    What if you become the 2013 Orange social entrepreneur ?

    For 3 years Orange has involve proactively in supporting social business initiatives entailing new technologies of information and communication.

    This contest aims to reward projects which launch a new product or a new service that meet the objectives of participation in societal development, innovation and integration of digital technologies in the entrepreneurial spirit.

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    Towards development of tontines in Cameroon?

    During the month of August, Cameroon has experienced a resurgence of repayments school savings made ​​by members of tontines.

    A tontines is a group of people who decided to create a common jarr where everyone pay the same amount of money regularly. At each meeting, one person gets the entire tontine and so on, until all members have "benefited from the tontine."

    These tontines represent about 190 billion CFA francs according to the microfinance strategy document in Cameroon conducted by the Ministry of Finance in April 2013.

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    Microinsurance Africa Summit 2013

    This summit was created to inform people on all the latest developments of microinsurance in Southern Africa and beyond. The principal topic this year will be to discuss on creating a sustainable insurance industry for low income earners.

    During this summit, people will be able to learn many things about microinsurance such as :

  • the technology used for microinsurance easy distribution
  • the impact of microinsurance using microfinance and how to increase it
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    06.19.13  | CORALIE GATE

    Cameroon: a new national strategy to consolidate microfinance

    For several years, microfinance in Cameroon , yet booming, faces a number of challenges as financial scandals related to poor governance in some institutions, embezzlement, a lack of resources or administrative incivility which challenge the viability of the sector. These difficulties are often the cause of failure of many Microfinance Institutions.

    The national population of Cameroon is over 20 million people, approximately 40% of them are affected by income poverty . In fact, they live with less than a dollar a day.

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    05.03.13  | Juliette

    Microfinance in West Africa

    Main SFD indicators in December 2012.

    Central Bank of West African States (CBWAS) has published the main indicators of SFD (which are microfinance institutions) in the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union)at the end of December 2012.

    Among the key indicators, we note that the region has 729 SFD, 4836 service points, 11 658 237 members, more than 100 billion euros in deposits and more than 98 billion euros of credit.

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    08.16.12  | JOYCE

    Aid For Microfinance Associations in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The Mastercard Foundation and The SEEP Network

    The Mastercard Foundation and The SEEP Network have recently entered a four year partnership to improve microfinance associations in Sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership costs a total of USD 7.6 billion.

    The Mastercard Foundation is a private foundation based in Canada that focuses on education and microfinance.

    The SEEP Network (Small Enterprise Education and Promotion) is a non-profit organisation, based in the US that acts as a network for practitioners who work in microfinance fields and microentreprise development.

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    03.14.12  | MicroWorld

    Mobile banking : increasing competition in Africa

    On the African continent, with the growth in banking services on mobile phones (mobile banking), more and more telephones are acting as bank accounts for all those who don’t have access to banks. Used at first for money transfers between people, new services are now sprouting up more or less everywhere, at the initiative of telecoms operators, banks and specialist businesses. In Kenya, one of these emerging companies, Mobipay has just launched Agrilife for farmers.

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    01.20.12  | Thibault Lescuyer

    Babeo – an overall approach for Malagasy micro-entrepreneurs

    Since January 2011, PlaNet Finance has been coordinating a programme codenamed Babeo, aimed at entrepreneurs in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Altogether, over three years, 1,500 women receive information and 300 will follow a custom-designed training course. This European-funded project includes microfinance services as well as psychological help support units and instruction on women’s rights. According to the South-African NGO Gender Links, in Madagascar most likely eight women out of ten are victims of violence.

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    01.12.12  | MicroWorld

    Songhaï Centre: agricultural training for African micro-entrepreneurs

    In Benin, the Songhaï centre works on economic development by training young people on sustainable agriculture using local resources. This specialist centre, which has been operating as an NGO since 1985, has just received the financial support of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). That organisation will co-finance the creation of several Songhaï centres in this small French-speaking African country.

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    12.07.11  | MicroWorld

    Microcredit faced with rural exodus in Ethiopia

    Her name is Aselefech Desalegn and she’s in the headlines of Africa Renewal, a UN publication that deals with development in Africa. After leaving her parents’ village fifteen years ago, this young lady settled in the town of Bishoftu, 45 km from Addis Abeba. She started work as a hotel cook and became a customer of a microfinance institution to set herself up in business and increase her revenue. She was a street vendor of charcoal and eggs, later switching to baking enjera, the national bread, which she now sells to hotels.

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