M.Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews

To join MicroWorld as a supporting partner is, for us, a way of combining business with pleasure. Business because MicroWorld is an innovative and intelligent microcredit platform that leverages the technical genius of the digital revolution in order to aid the fight against poverty. Pleasure because MicroWorld and Euronews share a base of common values; values that at Euronews we make an effort to apply each day, both in our teams and in the way in which we present the news. Our team of journalists consists of 34 nationalities that work together hand in hand to produce information that is both neutral and of high quality, and broadcast it in 11 languages. Providing information and knowledge to populations is one of the keys to their emancipation. Financial assistance on business projects is another. Together, Euronews and MicroWorld are participating in the construction of a world where the people are independent and free.

With this partnership we are continuing our philosophy of social responsibility that we began in 2006 with the creation of our “one minute of responsibility", in partnership with ACT Responsible, which offers commercials for NGOs and other good causes.

About Euronews:

Launched in 1993, Euronews is today a multi-platform media outlet that broadcasts programs and services in 11 languages *, 24 hours-per-day. First international news channel in Europe, Euronews covers world events with objectivity and neutrality. At Euronews, we believe that the sensationalist approach distorts the judgment of viewers. The role of a news channel is to provide sufficient information for each individual to forge its own view of the world. And it is this fight that has driven Euronews since its inception, providing you with the facts, and nothing but the facts.

* English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish

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