Success Story in Tajikistan : Turdigul Abdulazizova

Turdigul Abdulazizova was born on September 23, 1976 in Gozimalik district, today's Khuroson, in a family of farmers. Turdigul now lives with her family in Khuroson district, Gallaobod Jamoat, Khakikat village. Turdigul is married and has 4 children.

Prior to cooperating with HUMO, Turdigul faced a lot of problems. She used to buy and sell milk. She collected milk from villagers every day and then sold it on the market. So she made a living.

After consulting with her husband, Turdigul first applied for a loan in HUMO in March 2015. Having received the money, she bought 3 calves and started a livestock business.

Having fully repaid the loan, in February 2017, Turdigul took another loan in the amount of 10,000 somoni (about €940) to increase her number of animals and purchased 4 cattle. Her husband and elder son help Turdigul in her activities.

Now Turdigul is on her fourth lending cycle. In April 2018, she took a loan with the support of MicroWorld. She purchased livestock as planned and made a good profit. Thanks to her activities, Turdigul made renovations in the house, bought a ticket to her husband and son so that they went to work in Russia, and also helped her son to buy a car in Moscow for providing a taxi service.

Currently, Turdigul has 4 cows and 3 calves in the barnyard. She is happy that she cooperated with HUMO and MicroWorld, since she not only expanded her business, but also brought new sources of income to the family.